My Approach

I try and accomplish coaching by giving the student information in small pieces that are relevant to the course being taught. I always say "If you want to know why we are doing it this way please ask. This is a way to do it based on my experience, its not the only way."


If you find yourself paddling on the open coast in the San Francisco Bay Area you will likely run into Bill. A San Francisco Bay Area native, he has a passion for paddling and has extensive knowledge of our local coast. An ACA Level 5 Sea Kayak & L3 Surf Kayak instructor, Bill teaches from experiences gained (good and bad!) while paddling his favorite coastal waters from Mendocino to Monterey. Bill especially loves sharing his enthusiasm with new paddlers and the excitement this generates in them toward learning new skills and techniques. Bill approaches coaching by giving students information relevant to the course at hand and by sharing his own personal paddling experience. He teaches independently as well as for Rivers & Ocean Coaching Collective and California Canoe & Kayak. You can find his postings on kayak related topics on several websites including Canoe & Kayak Magazine, The Paddler Magazine & Neptune’s Rangers, of which he is a principal founding member.

Surfing or Riding Waves

My article titled Surfing or Riding Waves is a progression through the sport of kayak surfing

Paddle Magazine

Canoe & Kayak Magazine

Various articles I have written for Canoe & Kayak Magazine. Including a series called Intro to Rock Gardening. This series begins with What is Rock Gardening

Neptune's Rangers

Then of course there is the    Neptune's Rangers Where it all began

Adventure Kayak Magazine

River & Ocean

I enjoy coaching alongside this group of quality instructors. River & Ocean Paddlesport Coaching Collective                                                                                    

The Paddler Magazine Favorite Local Paddling Destination

Rock Gardening interview by