Besides just having a love of paddling, I enjoy helping new paddlers with the progression of their skills so that they are safe and comfortable kayaking anywhere from flat water to the open coast.

While I love paddling in rough water, I think the basics should be taught and practiced in flat water.  My article Make Those Moves Muscle Memory for Canoe & Kayak Magazine describes the importance of flat water practice.

You can find a list of upcoming classes that I have scheduled by clicking the calendar button. If you don’t find a class or a date you are looking for on the calendar, then I am happy to add a date or alter a class for your needs. Please contact me and we can set something up.

I offer private or group roll rolling classes to first timers or those just wanting to make there roll more reliable. With years of roll instruction experience and getting well over a hundred people rolling, I can offer the experience needed to get your roll working well.