While this is a list of some of the classes and trips offered, if you have something else in mind I am sure we can put something together.

For a schedule of upcoming classes click on the class calendar page. 

Rolling Classes

Level B,I,A

 I have enjoyed helping many paddlers make there rolling more efficient and usable in situations where they need it. I do private and group roll classes as needed, please contact me for more info. 

I also teach regular rolling classes for California Canoe & Kayak.

Situational Rolling & Bracing

Level B,I,A

Designed to build a pool or flat water roll into a more reliable open water roll.

Bill Vonnegut's Blending Strokes Class

Level B,I,A

Focuses on the foundations to help you improve your stroke technique,  by providing you with more tools to develop skills and improve boat control.

Blending Strokes Part 2 - Practical Application

Level B,I,A

This class is designed to take skills you have learned in flat water and gain comfort using these them in a practical application. 

Comfort in Conditions

Level  I, AI

This class has been specifically designed to accelerate your paddling skills in dynamic water. Bridging the gap between a knowledge of skills and applying them in the conditions you have always wanted to paddle. 


Rock Garden Skills and Safety

Level I,A,E

This is a great class that can be customized for your skill level and venue choice.

You will learn strategies for paddling within rock gardens

Custom Classes

Level B,I,A,E

Do you have an idea where you would like to go with the sport of kayaking but don't see the class you are looking for. A custom class can be put together for your needs.

Intro to Rock Gardening

Level B,I

This class will give you a great introduction to one of the most dynamic and exciting styles of paddling and there is no better place in the world for it than the coast of Northern California!


Surf Zone

Level B,I

Learn about wave dynamics and beach characteristics and how to identify hazards. We will practice launching and landing through the surf zone safely, bracing on breaking waves and holding position.

Tides & Currents

Level B,I

Learn how to paddle using the currents in San Francisco Bay.  Students will also get the opportunity to learn and practice in the Yellow Bluff tide race


Class Pricing and Policy's

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